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A 1951 Ford half ton.

I saw this truck sitting beside the road and went back to take pictures of it. My wife watched me from the comfort of our truck then got out, took the camera and told me to go sit down.

Got to admit, she had the better eye that day.

Part of the first generation of F-150’s, the flathead V-8’s created an amazing 148 hp. Hard to think of that as a work truck, but it was.

It was a modern-looking truck with a flat, one-piece windshield and integrated headlights. Options were the “See-Clear” windshield washer (operated by foot plunger), passenger side windshield wiper & sun visor, and passenger side taillight.
We have been caught behind this guy twice now traveling from Winkleman, AZ to Mammoth, AZ on our way back to Tucson. Narrow road, little shoulder, many curves. There he is, flying down the road, windows down, wind in his hair (what’s left of it) at 25 miles an hour. Speed limit is 65.

Life is good. Notice the cross in the horseshoe. For good luck, the horse shoe should be turned up to catch the luck. Down spills out all your good luck. Probably something real deep in that but I just draw what I see.
How can you not love these old work horses. I don’t know if it still works or not, but knowing its owner, it would if he wanted it to.

I have had countless numbers of people come and share their tractor stories with me since I finished this piece. It seems that in the old days, the fifties and sixties, a lot of children sat on these things for long stretches at a time. Imagine the uproar if a 10 year-old had to plow all day today!
I did a very unsuccessful show in Tubac, AZ last summer. I got up early to walk and meditate on my misfortune when I came upon this beautiful old truck. The bed is loaded with palm fronds and all sorts of yard clippings. The truck’s  owner was doing yard work on that Saturday morning.

I was doing a show in Flagstaff this past fall and what did I see but that same truck done in acrylics by a Tubac artist. What a small world.  The truck is owned by  a well known Tubac potter.

This is a 1951 Chevy. I can now say that with certainty.
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