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My daughter spent all of last sumer in Kenya last year. She had opportunity to travel around quite abit. One of the villages she visited had refugees from the election violence. This lady was one of them.

She was so beautiful with her scarf that I had to do it. 

It is 11x14" on scratchboard. It is one of my favorites.
In parts of rural sub-Saharan Africa, one in three children have lost a parent to aids and one in 9 have lost both parents. As a result, these children face loss of access to school, food and medical care. Some estimates put the number of children facing these conditions at 12 million in Africa alone.

In African countries that have already suffered long, severe epidemics, AIDS is generating orphans so quickly that family structures can no longer cope.

This is done from a picture my daughter sent me from Kenya. I did it on black scratchboard with dyes for the clothing. It measures 8x10. Proceeds from the sale of this and other pictures from Africa will go to the non-profit organization Unite 4 Africa. They are actively pursuing hope for these children.
I worked an arts and craft fair around Thanksgiving in the little town I live in. Frank was helping his wife set up her booth when I met him. He was more than delighted to let me take his picture. I hope he likes what I have done here. This is done on scratchboard measuring 8x10". It can be found in the People's Gallery. 
My New Scarf
Christian has been a friend almost as long as I have been an adult and that seems like a very long time.

This was done on 8x10" scratchboard and sealed to preserve its life.

Hurry up and get well my friend. 
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She belongs to a friend. Queen Bee, Queenie, Devil. She doesn't like the farrior. She doesn't like to see other horeses get attention. She's a grand old dame that thinks the world spins around her.

I went to a cattle round-up near Munday, Texas on a very cold spring day. There was of course the owner and the ranch foreman, men not too much younger than me: and then the cowboys. All were young men, strong and tall. But on of the cowboys was not like all the rest. Older, nose broken, sign of wear all over him. But what stood out was the respect the others gave him. And his attitude, always laughing. His rotator cuff was blown, but still he tried to rope. He was older, but still he jump on every downed calf. His boss bought this piece as a gift for him. 
Team Mates 11x14 Scratchboard
Remember when you got a day off from school because of snow? Ever wonder what horses do when no one is watching?

Taking a Snow Day 
Graphite on Scratchboard
Rustle in the Brush

Night Rider
Scratchboard and ink
A commission piece for some wonderful people.