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Pencil Portraits
Gene was sitting at a picnic table with his wife on July 4th in Charlie Clark’s orchard. I had to take his picture.

We talked awhile. He’d been a cowboy all his life. His nose proves that. Still cowboy’n.
Sunday morning coffee on his front porch. Geese and ducks on the pond. Quiet guitar music floating over the ranch. Sunrise bouncing off the mountains. People at peace everywhere you look. Talking about God. Discovering God. Praising God. Being loved by God and loving God

A rest stop for the soul.

He is a fellow sojourner on this quest we call life.

Remembering those we began the journey with but who have reached the destination before us. They were once sojourners as well.
I was working a show in Pinetop, AZ when I saw Dionicio walking around with his wife. Dressed in beautiful matching boots and belt, I couldn’t resist asking for his photograph. At first, he was reluctant, but with nudging from his wife, he relented. You can tell from his lack of smile that he still wasn’t sure about the whole deal. He is from a small town in the lower Rio Grande valley in Texas, very close to where my father-in-law grew up. What a small world..
Summer in Snowflake, AZ.

"When will the rodeo start, momma?"
"Soon son, very soon."
"€œNow, is it going to start now?"
"€œThey are getting ready, just watch."
"€œNow, will it start now? Why don'€™t they start riding?"
"€œJust wait and watch, son, just wait and watch."
"Won'€™t they ever start, momma? What is taking so long?"€

And so it went until Daddy came riding by.
Robert's Son
Commission Piece - He is quite an impressive young man. I enjoyed doing this one. 
Kitchen's Closed
Sitting Pretty
July 4th at Charlie Clark’s in Pinetop/Lakeside, AZ. A very long weekend and a very successful show. We were in a beautiful apple orchard behind the restaurant. The owner and his staff cooked hamburgers and hotdogs all day long. $5 for a burger, chips and drink. Can’t beat that with a stick.

So, next year for the 4th of July you should consider the bargain at Charlie Clark’s and come on by the orchard.

Late in the afternoon, I saw this guy sitting by the grill. Worn out, back killing him, sense of humor just about all gone. He let me take his picture and this is the result. Hat’s off to him and his beautiful wife.
Another commission piece. I had a very hard time getting the light to co-operate when I photographed this for the website. 
The Toofless Kid
We were doing a weekend show in Gruene, TX last spring when this six year- old walked by grinning like he had teeth.

When I asked if I could take his picture, he started being goofy like only a six year-old can. Lucky for me!
This is my friend.

He is the most generous man I have ever met. He is also the one that Frosty the mule ‘de-boarded’ on the day I was trying to take his picture. After a hard landing on the ground, he calmly got back to his feet and walked ever so slowly to Frosty. Not a harsh word came from him.

Me, I probably would have been swearing at that mule like a drunken sailor. Within minutes he was back in the saddle and you would never have known what happened only minutes before.

There is a lot about this man I wish could be used to describe me, but alas…

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