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A tribute to our four-legged friends

Lil' Joe
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The Brahma
Cutting Horse

There is a horse stable I frequent in Tucson where they train cutting horses and allow me to watch and photograph.

One morning, I watched as one of the girls began warming up the horse for the trainer. She had total control of that horse. It was a very impressive sight to see.

I did this picture with graphite on rough texture clay board by Ampersand. It was very challenging but the results proved it worthwhile.
Bad Brahma Bull
Written by Curley Fletcher

On top of his shoulders, he's got a big hump
I lands in his middle and I lets out a scream
He comes out with a beller and the rest is a dream
He'™s snappin'™ the buttons right off of my clothes
He's a buckin' and a bawlin' and blowin' his nose
The crowd starts to cheerin'™ both me and that bull
Well, he needed no help but I had my hands full

Done on clayboard 3" cradle 6x18"

Eight seconds doesn'™t sound like a long time does it? Wikipedia says, "Bronc riding is a rodeo event that involves a rodeo participant riding on a horse that attempts to throw off the rider."

8 seconds of the most bone jarring, skull crushing fun you can ever have.
8 seconds. One-one second, two-one second, three-one second - you know the rest.

One-one second - Holy cow!!! It’s like being shot out of a cannon. 1200 pounds of anger between your legs.

Two-one second -“ keep your knees up, don't grab with your left arm

Three-one second -“ hope that girl is watching. Wonder if she wants to go out?

Four-one second - focus, you almost lost me that time you mean S.O.B.

Five-one second - Isn'™t this ever going to end?

Six-one second -“ look good for the judge, keep your arm up, raise those knees.

Seven-one second -“ when is that buzzer going to ring?

Eight-one second -“ bring me that buckle! How do I get down? Where are you guys? Get me off of this beast.

I survived! The ground is moving but I am alive. That was fun!
Most rodeo events came out of work the cowboy had to do on the ranch. Can you imagine your job requiring you to wrestle a 650 pound animal to the ground after leaping from a galloping horse? That would be you jumping from the horse, not the steer.

In the 1930s, a wild west performer by the name of Bill Pickett wrestled a runaway steer to the ground. The story says he grasped the horns of the steer, twisted its head skyward and then bit its upper lip to subdue it much as a bulldog would do. Hence the name 'bulldogging'. At least that's the story.

Steer wrestlers have a lower injury rate than bull riders or bronc riders. That is like saying jumping from a plane without a chute is safer than being shot by a cannon. Good luck with that one.
The son of a friend in one of his first competitions. That horse is not going to take her eye off that calf. Keep it out of the herd.
In barrel racing, the fastest time will win. Period. You don'™t have to hold your mouth a certain way or wear the right clothes. Just concentrate on speed. That is what this event is all about. The difference between winning and losing is measured in the hundredths of a second.

Barrel racing originally developed as an event for women. 74 Women in Texas wanted an event they could compete in at rodeos. Today both men and women can be seen flying around the barrels.

Did you know that a good barrel racing horse can cost well over $100,000?
Summer in Snowflake, AZ.

œWhen will the rodeo start, momma?
Soon son, very soon.
Now, is it going to start now?â
They are getting ready, just watch.
Now, will it start now? Why don’t they start riding?â
Just wait and watch, son, just wait and watch.”
Won'™t they ever start, momma? What is taking so long?

And so it went until Daddy came riding by.
8 Seconds
On The Horns of a Dilemma
James On Queenie
Barrel Racer
Rodeo Dreaming
Early one morning in Tucson, AZ I watched as this 2 year old pranced on the first cool morning of the year. What beauty. 

Acrylic on canvas measuring 12"x44"

MuleHead Studios
Artwork by Ken MacFarlane
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